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Medico-legal work

I am available to prepare expert reports in any area within my expertise. I am able to conduct examinations in both Central London and the Birmingham area. Please note that I do not currently work at legal aid rates.
Experience and expertise

My full CV can be found here. I began undertaking medico-legal work in 2017 and have completed several recognised training courses. These include:

  • Medicolegal practice: key issues for doctors as expert witnesses (British Medical Association, March 2017)

  • Medicolegal expert report writing course (British Medical Association, November 2017)

  • Excellence in report writing: written evidence (Bond Solon Training, December 2017)

I have been instructed by both Claimant and Defendant legal teams.

I am able to comment on a range of issues within the Endocrinology and Diabetes contexts, including:

  • Factors in the development or worsening of diabetes and endocrine disease;

  • The management and long term prognosis of patients suffering from diabetes or endocrine disease; and

  • The prevention, development and in some cases treatment of side effects and other illnesses linked to these conditions.

Fees and quotes

If you require a quotation in respect of a specific case or client, please do not hesitate to get in touch


My guideline rate is £300 per hour, and reports typically represent 6 - 12 hours' work. Reports can take 2 - 6 weeks to complete, depending on complexity.

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